Tuesday, August 02, 2011

What Have I Been Missing?!

     I have started to realize lately, that I might be missing many dynamics of relationship that God wants me to see and start to walk in.

     A brother in God here at the International House of Prayer has said, "We are creatures made with eyes, noses, hands and mouths, and it is through these five senses that we commune with God." This makes a whole lot sense when we consider how much creation can and does speak to us in many ways.

     Consider with me the examples of the sweet smelling rose or the amazing beauty of the lilac in full bloom. Or consider the awe-inspiring nature of a night sky filled with aurora borealis. Yet, I never considered just how clearly my Abba (father) in heaven actually does encompass speaking to me with all of my five senses if I'm willing to see, listen, smell, feel, or speak.

     Our Lord is so full of mercy and lovingkindness in that He continues to offer us the choice of setting our hearts fully and steadfastly on Him and abandoning all other pretenses that keep our hearts separated from Him. I've encountered this again in my daily life with realizing just how casual I am with my love for Him and yet He still draws me away into His presence again.

     Oh, Abba, help me to catch the little foxes that spoil the vineyard of my heart! Make me your garden again that I might rule and reign with you through prayer in Your Presence.