Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Isaiah 59

Arm Not To Short To Save
Ear Not To Dull To Hear
Sin Separated Us
SIn Hid Us
Our Hands Stained With Blood
Our Fingers Crusted With Guilt
Our Lips Speak Lies
Our Tongues Utter Wicked, Evil Things
No Justice!
No Integrity!

Our Deeds Are Evil
We Act Violently
Truth Can't Be Found
Upright Men Torn Apart
Justice Far Away, Righteousness Gone!
No Man Intervenes
Therefore God Does!

His Arm Works Righteousness!
His Arm Works Salvation!
He Clothes Himself For Battle!
He Wraps Himself With Zeal!
In Vengeance He Repays!
Everywhere, Men FEAR HIM!
Everywhere, Men REVERE HIM!
Redeemer Comes To Zion
To Jacob Who Repents


Spirit In You, Won't Depart
My Words In You, Won't Depart
Your Children Will Know Them
Their Children Will Know Them
All Your Descendants Will Know Them

Poem Written April 8, 2012

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